Common Problems and Solutions in Polaris

PROBLEM: An item is not in the Shipped List


1. Go to Circulation > ILL Requests
2. Choose the Search by method (Title, Patron, ISBN) from the drop down.
3. Enter in the search term to the for field and click Search.
4. Right-click on the item to change it to the correct status.
5. The item may prompt to insert a barcode. In that case, insert the barcode and click OK.


6. The item automatically changes status to Received and reads available to pickup b y the patron. The hold slip will print at this time.


7. If the item still cannot be found, call/email the Pcirc at the owning library and ask for the borrowing patron information.

PROBLEM: There are Duplicate Titles (A.K.A. Which one is it?)


1. Click on the Title field so the duplicate items are all together. Right-click on one and choose Edit. Go to the Notes field of the pop-up. It will list the owning library’s code. Wa2pl, as see below, belongs to Wadsworth Public Library.


2. When the right item on the list has been matched with the one in-hand, process the incoming item as normal.